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Golf Instruction Testimonials

I have been working with David over the past couple years. When I first approached David I asked one question which was “Can you make a five handicap a scratch golfer”. Of course he replied he could. I had my doubts at first. However, with the equipment he has on hand it made it easier to see my swing flaws and with David’s advice, my swing took a new shape. Over the past year I have shot many rounds in the mid to upper 60′s which never occurred before. I have even done so in a tournament, which indicates to me, that the lessons I have learned can be counted on under pressure. I highly recommend David to any skill level of golfer. The facility at Shenandoah Valley and the pricing cannot be beat in this area.

Ric Lang, Front Royal, VA

This past year I have been working with David at the Shenandoah Valley Teaching Center he has helped me immensely with my golf game. At the beginning of the year I started out as 24 handicap and now with his guidance I am 14 handicap! This next year I would like to break 80 for the first time. Thank you David for all your time!

Steve Jones, Centerville, VA

The process David has taken me through after playing golf for 40+ years has helped me make a potential leap in my ability to compete at the highest level of State-wide competitions. I have a goal of being ranked in the top 25 senior players in the state, that takes more than playing a lot of golf. Without some of the things I have learned from video of my former swing it would have been very hard adjust to a new and consistently better swing. I have always told new players that the best money they could spend on golf is not in clubs but on getting their swing correct from the beginning. David can help you whether you are a beginner or an accomplished player looking for those last few things that will get you to a new level. I still have work to do to get to the level I would like, but at 59 years old I realize it better happen soon. I think David Oates will get me there. And by the way David has fitted me for new irons and a driver over the past two years that are correct for my age and ability. Don’t buy clubs without his fitting process!

Cal Coolidge, Front Royal, Va

I have been taking golf lessons from David Oates for over a year. He has a real passon for teaching the swing and has helped my game a great deal. David always ask how your game is doing, stressing to keep working on the things we’re improving during the lessons. – 3 Handicap – Thanks David

Mike Nicewarner, Front Royal, Va

I’ve been taking my children (two sons and a daughter) to David Oates for almost two years at the Shenandoah Valley Golf Club Instruction Center and would recommend him to anyone serious about improving their golf game. He is a wonderful teacher, patient with children and adults, and my admiration for his abilities as a teacher has only grown as I have watched him build their golf swings step-by-step. The thing that I most admire about his teaching is that he combines longtime expertise with video analysis of golf swings with warmth and every great teacher’s gift of being able to meet his students where they’re at. My children know that he takes them and their golf games seriously. At the same time, they really enjoy working with him, for he has a light touch. David has also worked with me and has transformed my swing, making it better than I ever thought possible. I had spent decades working at golf and had taken lessons from well-regarded pros but never from someone who used video to teach. David’s patient and expert approach has given me for the first time in my life a swing that is fundamentally sound and that holds up under pressure. I would recommend him to golfers of all ages.

Mark Clark, Front Royal, VA

I have been playing golf for over thirty years now, and this year I decided to get better with professional help. With simple, direct, and real time video feedback, the instruction from Mr. David Oats has after 5 sessions started to show. I am hitting the ball farther, straighter, and with less effort. Next there will be putting and chipping to work on. Can’t wait! – 14 Handicap – Thanks David

Charles Tolhurst, Warrenton, VA

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